Hello and welcome to ”do you dream of noise ?” # 32
Do you dream of noise ? Newsletter # 32
This Saturday, june 17 there will be the ?Hagaplan gardenparty? from kl 11-16
With music, movies, arts, handmade stuff, coffee and just time to hang around and relax, and of course take a look at all the new records I have in my distro and all the second hand cd´s and lp´s.

Lots of new records, but no time for descriptions. Just had our second child three days ago, so be patient or buy the records you think you´ll like.
The new records is
Sonic Youth ? Rather ripped lp 150 kr Goofin´
Boards Of Canada ? Trans Canada highway cdep 100 kr Warp
Rachel´s ? Systems/Layers cd 150 kr 1⁄4 stick
September Malevolence ? Tomorrow we´ll wonder where this generation gets its´t priorities from cd 120 kr Tenderversion
Scraps of tape ? Read between the lines at all times cd 120 kr Tenderversion
Seidenmatt ? If you use this software often ? Buy it cd 120 kr Tenderversion
Audrey ? Ep cdep 50 kr Tenderversion
Audrey ? Visible forms cd 120 kr Tenderversion
Once we were ? Winter kept us warm cdep 50 kr Tenderversion
Mono ? You are there Cd 140 kr lp 160 kr Temporary residence
Danielson - Smokeship/Powership 7 ? 40 kr Sounds familyre
Danielson ? Playship/Moodyship 7? 40 kr Kill rock stars
Danielson ? Trumpetship/? 7? 40 kr Anticon records
Unwed sailor - circles ep 80 kr cdep Burnt toast vinyl
Immanu-el ? Killerwhale ep cdr 60 kr
Low ? Secret Name cd 150 kr Kranky
Pole ? R cd 150 kr scape
Don Peris ? Go when the morning shineth cd 150 kr Jemez Mountain /Badman
Lanterna ? Desert Ocean cd 150 kr Jemez Mountain /Badman

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